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From Online Shopping to Charity: The Laz for Good Program

This season, the idea of charity and giving has become an important awareness for many Filipinos. In times of need, the most fundamental way to help others is to help through cash and kind, through donations, and proper acts of charity. As Lazada implores you to Shop from Home and Shop Safely, the top online shopping site also encourages many to give and share online as well. One of the best ways to help with this is through the Laz for Good Program, implemented with partnerships with multiple charities and organizations.

The Laz for Good Program started as a way to provide Filipinos a way to share and donate in cash or kind through Lazada. When shopping, customers can also add a bit more to help private organizations in their advocacies. Today, with the season calls for it, the Laz for Good also partners with Caritas Manila, Red Cross, Virlanie, UNICEF, and other groups to not only help in charities but also raise awareness for those who are in need. You can donate online through Lazada and be a part of this large mission.

The Laz for Good Carries Charity from Home

Shop from Home, Shop Safely. For this past time, the group has advocated many ways to provide safer ways for Filipinos to get the health essentials that they need. Today, the Laz for Good campaign also serves to give these same essentials to the needy. You may donate food bags online, share health goods like face masks, alcohol, health kits, and toiletries with the organizations. And donate monetary needs for supporting research and medicine. Health and Personal Hygiene are very important for many Filipinos these days.

Right now, you can explore and raise awareness with these times through Laz for Good. The project is now available through the website and app, showing for the other causes and missions that call for you and your charitable acts today, as well as in the future.


Lazada does not represent nor warrant that your donations will be used for any particular purpose, and shall not be responsible for any dissatisfaction you may have regarding a cause's use of any donation you may make through the Platform, nor for any misuse or non-use of such donations by said cause. After donations are made, all further dealings are solely between you and the cause to which you donated.